Private Yoga in Ibiza

I am delighted to be sharing with you the practice of Yoga and the magical Island of Ibiza.

The private Ibiza Yoga classes in Ibiza can be held at your Hotel, apartment, Villa or a beach location.

We offer 1 to 1 sessions or in small groups of friends and family.

The level will be adapted to each individual and to the group. Whether you are an experienced practitioner wanting to deepen your Yoga practice or you are a beginner we will tailor the classes to your need.

We will meet you exactly where you are both on Ibiza and in your Yoga practice.

Your holidays on the island will be enhanced with an extra boost of health and energy with the powerful practice of Yoga in Ibiza.

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A little more about the classes

Every individual is different therefore each class will be adapted to the student or small group. Arlette always keeps a a flexible structure in order to explore each student’s need and offer a tailored and safe practice. With over 10 years teaching experience you will be guided with expertise.

Arlette’ s classes are a perceptive fusion of Vinyasa and Ashtanga with aspects of traditional Hatha Yoga. This combination brings a dynamic, yet compassionate , safe and flowing practice for all.

During 1 to 1 or small groups the practice can also include elements of Yin Yoga, meditation, breathing, completely depending on your specific needs.

Ben pic 2Arlette’s background in dance brings a very intuitive knowledge of the body and movement. Her latter studies in Anatomy consolidates this deep and clear understanding of the bio mechanics of the physical aspect of Yoga. Through her teacher Training she has studied intensively the history and classical philosophy of Yoga. Whilst this is an integrated part of the practice, her teaching remain grounded and non dogmatic.

Sessions incorporate basic breathing and meditation techniques (depending on the student or small group) but will always end with a blissful relaxation!

If you are an Ashtanga practitioner we will work with you to take you further into postures you need to work on.

f you are a beginner, you will enjoy discovering a base of this powerful practice, whilst enjoying the more explorative aspect of a Vinyasa flow. This is a fusion, bringing the best of two worlds together.


  • 1 student – 1 to 1 Private session: 85 euros
  • 2 students: 95 euros
  • 3 to 5 students: 115 euros
  • For groups of 6 students and above: Get in touch for a quote.

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A little more about Ashtanga Yoga 

Ashtanga Yoga is traditionally the more dynamic type of Yoga and combines at once strength and flexibility. Through my teachings however, I have learned to adapt to the student’s need, the class or the group. I therefore keep a flexible structure, leaving space for individual need and for an explorative aspect to teaching.
The primary series of Ashtanga Yoga is a powerful and beautifully compiled basis to work from. Through the 3hrs daily classes, we will have the opportunity to work and break down many postures, work on coordinating breath and movement and end with Pranayama and final relaxation.

We all have very busy lives, confused between work, family, social environment and much more I am sure… leaving not much time and space for ourselves.
This is a chance to take a step back for a moment (in a beautiful setting!) bringing our minds inward a little.
In order to achieve this, we must focus on the body first, through the muscles, joints, articulations and the nervous system. We need the body to be at once loose, flexible and toned, controlled and strong; and finally relax the whole body as well as the mind.
This is a goal to work towards, and Yoga is an excellent way to achieve this.

letty pic3 croppedBackground and Bio – Arlette Amouyan

Years of dance practice in France (Classical and contemporary) awakened in me very early a great sensitivity for the aesthetics of movement, the body and later the role of the breath in the physical practice. Which is when I moved from Dance to Yoga studios.

Quite quickly, I felt the need of deepening my knowledge, and unveiling what lay beyond the physical aspect of the practice. I enrolled into a British Wheel of Yoga foundation course and straight after, a Hatha Teacher Training Diploma course (BWY 500 hrs certification). I carried on also with my practice in Ashtanga Yoga and did an intensive Teacher Training in the Primary Series of Ashtanga , followed by a further traditional training in India.

From then my passion only grew; teaching, sharing what I know became an immense pleasure and I am deeply grateful for the experience.

The mixture of these different styles of Yoga as well as my background in dancing, help me understand deeply the body, the breath and the physical aspect of the practice. Many further studies through my teacher trainings, enabled me to link the physical practice with the philosophical facet of the powerful discipline. Whilst retaining my integrity with the roots of this ancient practice I believe in a non dogmatic approach to sharing this knowledge and teaching.

I have now been teaching for over 10 years, in London, Barcelona and Ibiza, and looking forward to share and practice with you!

Arlette Amouyan

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Enjoy a little taste of Yoga in Ibiza…