Hello everybody, 

Through these private yoga classes I would like to allow everyone to be able to keep practicing safely from the comfort of their homes. 

For those who are still able to go to Yoga studios (lucky ones!) This could be a great addition to your regular classes. 

These 1 to 1 classes will be designed to focus specifically on your unique needs. We will work with your level, physical capacity, health and lifestyle, or maybe working through specific injuries.

We will focus on areas in your practice or life you would like to see evolve or change.

These online Yoga classes will remain affordable and hoping they will help you progress and bring you the tools to keep a strong body and mind in turbulent times as well as in your daily life.

To make an appointment or for a chat about your specific needs please do not hesitate to get in touch:

Chat, information and booking inquiry

Or email: arlette.yoga@gmail.com

How do my online classes work? 

All you will need is a time that suits you and a Zoom connection.

I am focusing on Private Yoga 1 to 1 sessions from my space in Ibiza. 

Why 1 to 1 Yoga: 
– More than ever as we are online, I feel the great need to focus on each student fully. 

– It is now a fantastic time to deepen your practice and take it to the next level with all the corrections, alternatives that are right for you and for your body. 

– This is a practice that will become completely tailored to your needs.- You will (we will work on this together) be able to develop a sustainable self practice for yourself. 

– We will assess the ways to incorporate this into your lifestyle and schedule. 

– This is a way for me to come back to the tradition of Yoga teaching based on Student/Teacher relationship. 

– With over 10 years experience teaching full time. With your commitment and my experience and passion we can create changes you want to see.

Pricing and packages: (please note you will also have access to group on line classes and short practice videos)

1 off Private class from Ibiza: 65 euros 

What is included: 

  • 60 min Yoga session
  • Follow up chat-
  • 1 video with a bespoke self practice for you. 

x 2 Private Yoga sessions from Ibiza: 95 euros

What is included: 

  • 60 min Yoga session
  • Follow up chat
  • 2 videos with a bespoke self practice for you. 

x 3 to 5 Private Yoga sessions from Ibiza: 25 euros per session

What is included:

  •  60 min Yoga session
  • Follow up chat
  • 3 to 5 videos with a bespoke self practice for you. 

More than 5 sessions: please get in touch for a chat or quote. Depending on regularity and the time frame we can work out a concession package.

Important: If you are facing financial difficulties, please reach out, I do not want anyone to be left out.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch for a chat or a quote.

For more information about the classes and style you can read more here.

Contact, information and Bookings

Or email directly:


***A new 3 weeks Yoga and Weight Loss course is also available now on line

Check all information here

I am very much looking forward to meeting and practicing with you. 

Arlette Amouyan