All the co founders and members of our team are either full time residents of the Island of Ibiza or have been coming here for years to enjoy the Island. This brings a very special touch to our teachings, therapies and cooking styles. As well as hosting, as we know the little corners, insides and outs of the real local life in Ibiza. This is also what we love sharing with you.

A little bit more about us…

letty pic3 croppedOur Yoga Teacher: Arlette Amouyan

Years of dance practice in France (Classical and contemporary) awakened in me very early a great sensitivity for the aesthetics of movement, the body and later the role of the breath in the physical practice. Which is when I moved from Dance to Yoga studios.

Quite quickly, I felt the need of deepening my knowledge, and unveiling what lay beyond the physical aspect of the practice. I enrolled into a British Wheel of Yoga foundation course and straight after, a Hatha Teacher Training Diploma course (BWY 500 hrs certification). I carried on also with my practice in Ashtanga Yoga and did an intensive Teacher Training in the Primary Series of Ashtanga , followed by a further traditional training in India.

From then my passion only grew; teaching, sharing what I know became an immense pleasure and I am deeply grateful for the experience.

Our Host: Marieke Heestermans


Hello I am Marieke, and delighted to be part of the team and  your host during your stay here in Ibiza at our Retreat centre.

I am from Holland, and have been travelling all over the world, for work and pleasure for many years. I love travelling, in mind and soul and have been blessed finding many unexpected treasures along the way.  I feel very lucky to be able to combine my work in hospitality with so many travels and now Yoga too! Yoga has been part of my life for over 10 years now, and has very much become a daily routine: If I don’t practice I always notice the difference. Yoga brings me strength and flexibility at a physical level but also supports me in many levels of my life.

Hospitality, travelling, styling, family, horses are part of my life. I also love the Spanish language and culture and have had a special connection to the Island of Ibiza for many years. Very happy to bring all these aspects together and be part of the team at YogaSkin Ibiza


Our Chef: Leah Kamath:

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Leah is a full time resident on this beautiful island of Ibiza – she has spent a great deal of time traveling, working and living in many countries experiencing different cultures and their cuisine.
Through this love affair, creativity, intuition and a playful alchemy towards aromatics, fragrances and flavor inspire the delightfully delicious, colorful and explorative world of Leah’s cooking.
Supporting the community and local small businesses play an important part of sourcing produce and ingredients. Knowing who your producers are, where and how your produce comes to your table is all part of the culinary journey – Intention and awareness is everything when making healthy and informative food choices.
Soulful, uncomplicated clean food that is healthy, nutritious, balanced are those all important attention to detailing that is Leah’s signature –
‘You bring a smile to the table and we read from the same page – Made with Love’

Please note we have in addition this Autumn a new Vegetarian chef and nutritionist from Argentina. He will be alternating with Leah depending on the weeks. More info on Emanuel soon!

Our magician Healing Therapist: Faye Reason 

IMG_2467‘Hands on energy healing that promotes balance, grounding and the experience of a healing inner-magicFaye is an empathetic and highly experienced energy worker. She can locate the places where the body is lacking connection with life force and bring about the shift that is a re-connection to vitality. This re connection gives the feeling of strength and safety, from that place clients continue in their own power to heal themselves. Faye teaches about the senses and emotional wellbeing from a shamanistic and traditional healing background. Her workshops are a guided, easy and experiential journey to feeling the very energy that permeates all of nature and is the life force running within us.  Healing treatments have far reaching effects, sometimes life changing and illuminating.

‘thank you Faye for helping me to believe in magic again’ -LH, Brighton.

Please note: bookings with Faye are at extra cost and can be arranged when here on site.***


Abigail:  our deep tissue massage therapist and facials

Loving my life on Ibiza, where I have been living since 2004. After more than 13 years offering bespoke treatments all over the island I aim to transmit the positive energy through deep relaxing intuitive massage, access consciousness treatments and the facials with Dr. Hauschka products. My goal is to awaken as much good energy in you as possible through my hands and the amazing Dr. Hauschka products.

Abigail Cares Ibiza to help you remember how beautiful you are 💙