21 days Online Yoga – Body Reset

During this 3 weeks course we will develop together a sustainable Yoga practice and diet plan that works for you.
The aim is to provide you with the tools to create, and make the right changes and transformation in your life.
We want to create these changes both on a physical level (by achieving your weight goals and muscle tone) as well as mental strength, clarity and grounding you need to navigate life.
Yoga is a multifaceted and powerful practice. We will use the pure physicality of Yoga postures (asanas), combined with powerful mind triggers that Yoga brings, to achieve these goals. 

Online training schedule (we will agree on days/ times)

Each week you will get:

  • x 2 Private Yoga sessions/ week.
  • x 1 Assessment 30 min chat each week.
  • x 1 personalised video practice/ week.
  • Weekly email with development plan for your personal practice and nutrition tips.

We will start the course with a 1 to 1 assessment and goal settings.
During this assessment we will evaluate your physical condition, exercise habits, general diets and we will built a customised program based on your needs.

Course cost: 265 euros

Why I have set up this course:

Having grown up training in a Ballet academy in France, from a very early age we had to bring great attention to our body shape and weight. Diets were part of my life from teenage years. I have since developed a great interest in nutrition and healthy ways to maintain a healthy weight, but most importantly in a sustainable way. 

Since being a professional Yoga Teacher I have carried on my research and also experienced a very natural and non restrictive way to stay healthy, in shape without cutting out all the pleasures in life. I have also had the opportunity to work as a Private Yoga instructor in Ibiza and the UK for fitness and weight loss camps, where I have learned so much about our behavior and relationship with food and exercise. 

The physical practice of Yoga is an amazing tool to get the body moving, tone the muscles, a versatile way to shift calories whilst enjoying exercising and clearing our minds.

Very importantly too, Yoga tends to reduce stress and anxiety, which in turns, reduces the stress hormone (Cortisol), many times responsible for putting on weight, or unable to shift it. Yoga quietens the nervous system and brings us tools to move away from the “state of emergency” or “fight or flight” mode we all too often find ourselves in.

These practices combined with simple dietary rules and combinations, as well as a consistent practice works wonders. 

However, please be aware, this is not a magic pill. It does require commitment and a will to create changes in your life to get the results you wish to achieve. 

I am looking forward to working with you to achieve these goals. 

Arlette Amouyan